Prepare your industrial roof before winter arrives


Prepare your industrial roof before winter arrives

We’re all very aware of what Mother Nature can throw at us during a brutal, English winter. Torrential rain, wild winds and frost build up are just a few of the things that come to mind. As a company owner, your inventory is your most prized asset, so it’s important to keep it safe by having a good, sturdy roof standing over it. Whether the gutters need a good clean, you have a leak or you’re looking at a more serious problem that could require a completely new roofing system, now is the time to get the issue sorted. Here are a few common problems that can arise with an industrial roof and which a professional industrial roofing contractor can easily fix for you, just in time for winter!

Poor maintenance

Regular maintenance of an industrial roof is the most efficient way to protect yourself from major and costly damages. Particularly when it comes to preparing for the winter weather, it would be smart to have an industrial roofing company inspect the roof to check for cracks, loose materials or debris build up that can be detrimental to the roof’s functionality.

Water related damage

We get a lot of rain in the UK, so it’s very likely that your roof will be affected after a period of time. No matter what material was used or how perfect the craftsmanship is, the weather will eventually take its toll. Water is the main cause of leaks and damp spots. If you notice any discolouration or damp spots, you should consult a contractor immediately.

Blocked gutters

Gutters are the most commonly forgotten feature of a roof, and therefore the most common cause of costly repairs for company owners. Collecting an abundance of leaves, branches, dirt and other debris throughout the year, gutters can become blocked. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, repairs can be expensive and in extreme cases, full gutter replacement may be necessary.

Broken rooflights

Again, with regular maintenance, rooflights do not have to be an issue. However, broken rooflights are a very common job for industrial roofing contractors and they can also take time to fix. Employing an industrial roofing company to conduct regular preventative checks will allow them to spot a potential issue before it becomes a problem.

Save yourself the trouble and call an R Barton Industrial Roofing Ltd contractor for advice and a free quote, before summer fades and the weather takes a turn for the worse.