Industrial roofing ideas to save you money

If you own a warehouse of industrial unit, you may not have considered how the roof can be costing you money without your knowledge. Aside from getting up there to fix a leak or make a few adjustments, few people consider their roofs and how resurfacing and cladding the industrial roofing can save money for your business. At R Barton Industrial Roofing Contractors, we can help you find the best option for both your premises and your budget, and offer free quotes. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Solar reflective coatings

A solar reflective coat is a very good option for many businesses, and works in a number of ways. Firstly, the coating reflects sun light and drastically reduces the heat of the roof; this makes it more comfortable for those who are working within the building, and can reduce the cost of air conditioning very effectively. Gravel and black roofs absorb the heat, making them far hotter than the weather itself – a white, reflective coat is all it takes to make the roof far cooler than the ambient temperature, allowing you to reduce your cooling energy by up to 15%.

Industrial glazing

If your building has been around for a little while, it’s probably going to have decayed and cracked a bit, as well as collected moss and the like. Glazing can provide an extra layer of protection for your roof, allowing the decay and build-up of unwanted matter to cease, and preventing the necessity for more serious work later on. Additionally, in line with the Heath and Safety Executive’s standards, asbestos roofing is not to be disturbed unless absolutely necessary – glazing can provide containment rather than expensive and potentially dangerous removal.

Industrial cladding

Cladding allows you to reinforce the metal roofing already on your warehouse, and can increase the value of the property enormously. As well as providing protection from the elements, cladding generally gives a new lease of life to your warehouse and its contents, providing you with the peace of mind that your business, staff and stock will be kept safe from adverse weather conditions.

Each business and each building is different, and we specialise in making sure that you have the right industrial roofing solution for both your business and its roof. Most solutions will save you money in the long term, and provide you with a further investment in being better equipped to sell the property should you need to. Get in touch today and see how industrial roofing can work for you.